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We place senior-level executives and deliver tailored-fit solutions to top organizations around the world.


Our Executive Search & Talent Acquisition Services

As we are career coaches to some of the best talents across the globe,
we know how to cope with the ever-changing talent acquisition challenges.

Our unique personal approach strives to capture and translate industry trends
into opportunity, by combining the best attributes of boutique practices and
large recruiting firms at a fraction of the cost.

Engaging with Optimum Asia

Engage with professional recruitment consultants so that you can be assured of finding
the best talents that will fit your organization's culture and will be integral to the growth of your business.
Optimum Asia consultants have a combined experience of more than 15 years in the industry and
we have a strong network of some of the best talents in Information Technology, Business Development,
eCommerce, Finance, Business Intelligence, Analytics, & Customer Service.
Work with us, risk-free, and be pleasantly surprised of the level of service you will receive.

Optimum’s PARK Approach

Optimum Asia Programming Services
P: Pinpoint your current hiring needs, the gaps in your talent management and identify your short & long term goals
A: Appreciate and understand the nuances of your culture & what makes it great for talents to work in your company
R: Reach out to talents that will fit your organization's goals & market your company as a preferred employer to the best talents in your industry
K: Keep up with the talent developments in your industry and endorse people to your company that may be suitable for future needs
Knowing that time is of the essence and the right person can
make or break your business, we value your trust in partnering with us.
This inspires us to become the world leader in Global Executive Search.

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